Hazard Perception Tests – Back To Basics

Hazard Perception Tests – Back To Basics

August 8, 2017 0 By car-insurace

If you are in the UK, you will have to pass two tests to get your driving license, and the Hazard Perception Test is part of the tests. This test includes MCQs as well. Let’s know more about this test.

Developing Hazard

In a developing hazard situation, the driver has to change the speed or direction of the vehicle to avoid a collision. With time, developing hazards change. In the beginning, they include a non-threatening situation and takes 10 seconds to develop into a situation where the driver has to be defensive to avoid running into another vehicle. Most of hazards are quite predictable, and the driver is expected to control the vehicle based on the warning signs.

How Does The Test Work?

The test involves a theoretical part where you have to respond to around 14 video clips. The duration of the clips is around 60 seconds. The total points of the score are 75. You will get 5 points each time you will spot a hazard. In first set of 13 videos, you have one hazard to spot, and the remaining video has just 2 hazards. If you want to pass the test, the minimum points you need are 44. None of the clips has audio.

Each video starts with a still frame and a countdown timer begins at 10. As soon as the timer hits zero, the clip will start and you will be required to deal with the developing hazard.

The computer will show a red flag on the grey banner to let you know that your response has been recorded. As soon as you have watched a video, the red flag on the banner will disappear. The screen goes black for a couple of seconds at the end of a video.

The Purpose of the hazard perception test

Given below are the purposes of the hazard perception test:

· Both young and qualified drivers are more prone to collisions. In most cases, the accidents happen due to their fault.

· Newly qualified drivers find it hard to spot a hazard and deal with it. So, they are required to pass the hazard perception test.

· Another great purpose of this test is to improve the skills of the drivers so that they can avoid collisions.

· The test makes sure that new drivers know what hazard perception is. If they are familiar with it, they will be in a better position to spot hazards and avoid them.

· Another important purpose of the test is to give a bit more time to new drivers to get more experience. This way they can become better drivers with the passage of time.

So, if you have been planning to get your driving license, we suggest that you keep the information given in this article in your mind. This way you will be better prepared for the hazard perception test, and you will be more likely to pass the test with flying colors. After all, you don’t want to end up colliding your car with another vehicle on the road.