Truck Safety Tips For Carrying Big Loads

Truck Safety Tips For Carrying Big Loads

September 6, 2017 0 By car-insurace

Safety is such an important factor when it comes to traveling and it becomes even more magnified when you are driving a truck and trailer that contains a large load. For transport companies this is a factor that they need to consider very carefully to ensure the safety of their truck drivers and that of fellow road users.

Here are two truck and trailer safety tips when carrying large loads.

Secure the load. You may store the load inside the truck but it needs to be secure. The load should not be loose thus enabling it to move about inside. Place the load on a pallet and secure it by wrapping it with shrink wrap. Wrap it a number of times to ensure that the goods are secured to the pallet. Have a second person double check that the load has been secured then move it into the truck. The load also needs to be properly stacked inside the truck. Place the pallets tightly next to each other so that they stabilise each other even more. If you plan to stack the pallets on top of each other, ensure that the entire bottom row is neatly and tightly stacked before you start placing pallets on top of each other.

If you are loading a trailer, the same criteria apply. Of course, it will depend on the type of trailer that you are loading. If it is a smaller trailer, make sure that the containers or boxes that you want to transport are properly sealed. Place them next to other tightly as well so that they do not move about. If you have any extra space, try to fill it with other boxes so that the load does not move about during your travels.

Check the size of the load. If you are transporting odd sized objects such as beams, check their length in correlation with your truck. If it is too long, you may need another truck. Alternatively, you need to put safety measures in place to secure the beams to your truck. Secure it tightly with the correct type of strong rope that is able to grip the load. Add safety signage to make other drivers aware of the oversized load. The signage will warn other drivers to keep a safe following distance.

These are two main truck and trailer safety tips when it comes to carrying big loads. It is essential that you consider your safety and the safety of others when loading your truck and trailer.

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